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Organize your way ahead in life


Remember back in school when the school diary was the single most important book you had to make sure was part of your daily load? Where everything from notes, to important dates, to timetable, remarks, punishment, prayers- all found mention in the diary.


If you come to think of it, the diary was in fact the school instilling in children the importance of getting organized.


At a professional level, management theory also deals with the aspects of organizing, i.e determining and providing the human and non-human resources to the organizational structure.


Understand the benefits of an organized life at home, and at work:


  1. Time Management:

Life is so chaotic. At one time, there are multiple thoughts going on in our heads. What to wear for the evening dinner, what should I cook for lunch, How do I execute this idea, Where should I go for vacation this summer?

We’re all chasing time, trying to get things done and meet those deadlines. Maintaining a daily planner can be so handy here. Conference call at 4PM- Presentation submission at 9PM- James’ birthday today, etc.

This way, you’ll manage your time wisely and never miss out on an important proposal either! Time managed in a better way, ensures better productivity.


  1.  Health and well-being:

In all the hustling around, we forget our health. Ignore headaches, back pains, fevers, flu and resort to professional help only when the pain becomes chronic and unbearable. The 21st century has made human beings so competitive, that we’re all participants in a rat race that has no visible end. Eat your healthy and nutritious meals, drink lots of water, take your breaks, become stricter with exercise, get good sleep and breathe.


  1. Fun and frolic:

Growing up we miss out on the memories with parents, when they aren’t around much. Then suddenly one day, the child moves overseas for education, she starts working, then she’s married.

Plan. Organize. Implement. Don’t wait for opportunities, create them. A lot can change in a span of 10 years, get yourself together and ensure than you make time for family and friends. When you’re breathing your last, no one’s going to bother about the extra hours you put in at work, or the deadlines that you met. They’ll remember the memories you created with them, the advice you gave and the examples you set.


No one said this is going to be easy, but you have to begin somewhere. We will all turn into slaves of our own doing. Become more aware of what’s happening, try enjoying events, parties, get-togethers while you can, manage your time well and organize life; it will create opportunities you never anticipated were possible!

  • vishal sethi